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Is quarantine radio coming to a TV near you?

It looks like Tory Lanez has shown us you can make some serious coin even during a quarantine. For weeks his “Quarantine Radio” IG Lives have entertained the masses while we are stuck at home.


With twerk-a-thons, celebrity guests and his funny antics caught the eye of MTV. Lanez told his fans that the Viacom channel reached out to him but he still is deciding how that will look.

MTV offered me something like a little 30-minute segment, but I don’t know what I want to do. I want it to be something that the fans decide. If I end up coming up with an idea for it, hopefully, it’ll be on MTV.

I can’t imagine having ALL of the shenanigans that happen on the “Stupid Again” rapper’s Instagram. People gonna have to tone down the language and nudity.

You can’t be surprised that MTV or any channel at that would want Tory on their team. The videos have been good for him as his Instagram following grew by 2.2 million. To add he set a new IG record for most-viewed IG Live with over 360K. His Youtube channel has double with subscribers and views by 80 percent.

I bet MTV would love the Tory Lanez effect for their channel and their pockets.

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