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COVID-19 has hindered just about everything from flourishing in 2020. Most of us are stuck on a consistent hamster wheel of activities and many people are simply OVER IT!

People have been getting creative with ways to find entertainment during this quarantine. A lot of young people are finding it very difficult to keep coasting on by and have been banning together to have some fun, despite Stay-At-Home orders across the nation.

Right here in Columbus, over the last few weeks several house parties or Airbnb parties, have been shut down because people are gathered at numbers that go against what it recommended.

In some instances people have even gotten hurt during these private quarantine parties.

Now, Airbnb is taking a stand and will be enforcing a brand new policy stopping renters from hosting parties in the city of Columbus.

Recently, Governor Mike DeWine extended the already extensive stay-at-home order to last until May 29th. Because of this, Airbnb will be temporarily disable their “event-friendly” filter.

They also plan to ban guests who throw unauthorized parties or gathering and will cooperate with the Columbus Division of Police to investigate these events.

Get more information about Airbnb’s new policy on the website.

Source: ABC6