Well this is clearly not a prank.

I don’t like to see some of my favorite battle rappers and ones who came into the sport as friends clashing. So I don’t take much enjoyment with the fact that Calicoe and Hitman Holla haven’t really been rocking with each other for years.

To some fans this was news but between the two midwest battlers this been going on for years. What set things off was during the drama involving Hitman’s cheating prank on Sunday, he didn’t appreciate Cal trolling with battle rapper and friend QP. A tweet from QP poke fun of Hitman’s girlfriend Cinnamon insinuating he wanted to holla.


Hitman didn’t think it was funny and called the move goofy. Not realizing that Cal was also fighting off women and fans who wasn’t feeling his little prank.

The two later butted heads on Tuesday after Hitman went on Instagram Live to talk about the situation with K Shine. Holla said it was bigger than battle rap and what happen on Sunday. Calicoe then tapped into the live and the two hashed things out, hopefully.

Watch the video below:


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