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Doja Cat

Source: Courtesy Vevo / Courtesy Vevo

The Say So singe is looking to get her name cleared with the Black Community, after being silent and cancelled for a near two weeks, Doja Cat has shown an act of kindness.

When fans found out the mixed singer, made racial comments towards blacks, and more racist chat room allegations,  she was CANCELLED immediately.

Since then, Doja Cat is urging her followers to join in on the fight for justice.

She writes via Instagram,

“Happy birthday to the beautiful Breonna Taylor, who would have been celebrating her 27th birthday today. I am donating $100,000 to Justice For Breonna Taylor Fund #BIRTHDAYFORBREONNA and I am inviting you all to honor and celebrate her with me by donating whatever you can and signing her petition – the link is in my bio,” she wrote in the caption of an Instagram post.

Taylor on March 13, was killed by Louisville police who were executing a search warrant to enter then 26-year-old, Breonna Taylor’s home, however, the police were searching in the wrong home.

When they entered Breonna’s home, without identifying themselves (judge ordered) her boyfriend thought an intruder was breaking in, and fired the first shot which caused police to shoot several shots, killing Breonna.

The police had the wrong home, tragically killing Breonna unjustly.