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Since the passing of George Floyd and the uprising around the world of the Black Lives Movement conversations have been held all around the world pertaining to race relations and what needs to be changed to move forward.  Everything from police brutality, to statues being removed, to changing the name of buildings and cities has been discussed.

Discussions in Columbus, Ohio have lead to Mayor Andrew Ginther putting together an independent advisory panel to work with the Police Chief for policy reform, the Christopher Columbus statue being taken down from the Columbus State Community College campus and now citizens are stating that even the name of the city should be changed.

As many of us know Christopher Columbus was said to “discover” America after sailing over from Genoa Italy.  When in fact he didn’t technically discover America because it was already home to the indigenous/Native American people and his landing in America was the cause of genocide and forcing many into slavery.  Contrary to want many were taught in grade school.

May people do not feel that Christopher Columbus is of standard to the capital city and that the name should be changed immediately.  But if the city decides to change it’s name, what should it be?  We’ve put together a couple of names that we’ve seen tossed around for you to consider.

  1. Armstrong, Ohio:  Niel Armstrong was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio about 80 miles north west of Columbus.  Armstrong made American history after becoming the first man to walk on the moon.
  2. John Glenn, Ohio:  John Glenn was born in Cambridge, Ohio about 70 miles east of Columbus.  Glenn also made American history as the first American Astronaut to orbit Earth doing so three times.  Glenn also served as an US Senator.
  3. Freedom, Ohio:  While this name doesn’t come from a specific person it serves as an ode to our country, “Land of the free and home of the brave.”
  4. Bow Wow, Ohio: Yes somebody actually suggested that we rename Columbus after rapper and actor Shad Moss AKA Bow Wow.  Moss is from a suburb of Columbus named Reynoldsburg, Ohio.
  5. Buckeye, Ohio:  Columbus is home to The Ohio State University Buckeyes.  Buckeyes also serve as the state colloquial name for people from Ohio.

If you had to choose what name would you give Columbus?

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