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It looks like the cat is out of the bag. Jada Pinkett has confirmed that she was, in fact, romantically involved with August Alsina.

The relationship developed during a time when Jada and Will were separated and as both of them recall, it didn’t seem as if they would work things out this time. Jada details how the initial contact with August was in efforts to assist him with his fragile mental state at the time. He was welcomed in with open arms by the Smith family.

As tensions grew between Jada and Will, things turned into Jada and August building a deeper friendship. She says this all occurred about 4 years ago. And she did not think she would ever have to publicly address the situation. But after August dived into a very detailed interview with Angela Yee that went viral, Jada had no choice but to bring herself to the red table.

With husband, Will Smith taking on Jada’s normal role of unpacking guests truths, the couple seemed very in sync with getting it out there and moving on. Over the years, The Smith’s have done a superb job of keeping their personal business under lock and key. After 25 years of marriage, the reality is, every thing isn’t always perfect.

Check out the full and short Red Table Talk for yourself here!

Source: Complex, FB Watch