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The Stallion Names Tory Lanez As Her Shooter!

Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Welp, after just over a month of endless speculation, Megan has finally let the cat out the bag. Silencing all the rumors last night, she admitted that Tory Lanez did in fact shoot her.



During a live video on IG, Megan seemed to be overwhelmed and completely over all the drama surrounding the shooting and was ready to make things clear. In a tweet she wrote just before her live video, it appears she’s fed up with all the lies.



Soon after this tweet, Megan went live and went into detail about what happened on that infamous night. The live lasted about 10 minutes with Meg addressing several rumors head on and she made sure to address fans about ridicule from them.

She shut down talk about provoking Tory with violence and that she and Tory argued about Kylie Jenner, after leaving her pool party. Megan went on to explain why she didn’t immediately choose to open up completely to the police.

Megan feels that she has spared Tory up to this point, but now ultimately regrets telling the police he shot her.

The D.A.’s office is considering bringing charges against Tory for his involvement in the shooting. If Megan continues to cooperate, the process may speed up a bit.

Check out more clips from Megan’s IG Live below.






Source: The Shade Room