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So Ive been hip to the new social media app ClubHouse for about two week, and honestly I love the app.

What is clubhouse you might ask? Well its simply another app to help you connect, except there are no picture, and video posting. Its simple a conversation where others can see you icon and hear your voice. You can share your thoughts and hold a room for conversation about anything you want and others join.

Does ClubHouse cost? No it does not however its not just for everybody, its INVITE ONLY right now, so someone has to open the door for you to come inside the ClubHouse.

Lately my favorite conversations, have been in the rooms that discuss morning affirmations, how to make money 101 and conversations about radio

Its a simple voice app and you can even talk to your favorite celebrities on there and hear from them.

Have you been invited to the ClubHouse?

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