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The year of 2020 has seen enough of Trump and if you think for  second that you’re going to ride his wave into 2021 think again.

Since the US Capitol has been stormed by domestic terrorists, and Republicans voted against a $2000 stimulus, no one wants anything to do with the likes of President trump. He has had one of the most awful terms of Presidency, so bad that even Iraq has issued a warrant for his arrest.

Singer Keri Hilson has tried to show as sense of humanity towards the Prez since he has been banned from ay social media app, yup Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter has blocked his verified accounts.

Keri Hilson At District Rhythms

Source: Melanie Barber / WFUN

Hilson didn’t really speak out for Trump but rather she spoke out for all Americans, pretty much saying that our freedom of speech could all be at jeopardy since social media apps MUTED the Presidents of the United States of America!

But like I said no one rocks with Trump so Twitter and the internet definitely dragged the hell out of Keri Hilson. Check it below

Click the TWEET above and you’ll catch the whole thread!

Do you agree with Keri?

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