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Remember whenI mentioned on air that KD was in a bit of trouble following his surfaced DM screenshots with comedian Michael Rapaport. These screenshot contained a very heated conversation between the two men, in which KD was using Homophobic slurs toward Rapaport.

Long tory short it would been very smart if KD had decided to reach out to Rapport on SnapChat because enow since these photos of their conversation has gotten out, KD has been fined $50,000 according to

The NBA’s President of League Operations Byron Spruell announced the fine against Kevin Durant Friday (April 2nd).

Rapaport responded and said in a social media video,

“This situation with Durant has gotten out of hand. I feel bad about it. I feel bad about my involvement in the situation. I feel bad that it’s gotten this far. I met him one time, it was cool, cordial. I’m a fan. I met him as a fan…The funny thing is, he actually reached out to me about doing something that I call on social media, The Shame Game, about putting people who talk s*** on social media on blast. That was the way we met.”

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