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I love seeing people happy and in love, I will never understand the obsession some people have wanting to tear down someones happiness. Its always a hater being the comments if nothing else.

Tiffany Haddish came across a negative comment that was thorughing shade on her relationship with Common. She was simply promoting her mans album when a lonely person behind their keyboard made the ugliest comments of them all. Tiffany message to her man went like…..

“This is real HipHop. I am so proud of him. I Love when a man knows how to use his words. @common album comes out tomorrow make sure you get it.”

The IG user…..

“I totally agree [hand clap emoji] This is why I don’t understand him being with you [eye roll emoji].”

Of course Tiff responded back ….

“Not for you to understand. Just enjoy the music.”

Im here for the clawback because thats true, its not your job to understand someones else relationship and how they are working it out! Mind the business that pays you.

Courtesy of thejasminebrand.com

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