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Summer Walker at Z107.9 Summer Jam

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One thing sultry singer and song writer Summer Walker is going to do is deliver! Whether its beautiful music we all can listen to for hours and relate to heavily or serving looks while serenading fans live, Summer is going to come through.

Now, real fans know that despite her personal struggles, Summer tries to constantly show and prove her artistry.

Over the last year, its fair to say that life hasn’t always been easy for Summer. She had her first child and experienced some intense heartbreak publicly with father of her child and creative aide, London On The Track. Not only that but social media has proven time and time again to be a pretty ruthless place.

Nonetheless, Summer’s talent is unquestionable. Her debut album “Over It” is 2X platinum and its most recent sequel, “Still Over It” gained 200 million listens in its first week. Needless to say, fans are in line anytime Summer is set to perform live.

At a recent concert in Atlanta, Summer sang a collection of her songs and surprised fans with a guest appearance from SZA! But it did not go unnoticed that she skipped several fan favorites during the performance. In attempts to explain to her loving fan base why she purposefully missed a few tracks from the new album, she basically says they are still very much triggering.

“I cannot sing that song. I just want to talk to y’all for a second. For anybody that came here and was like, ‘Oh, she didn’t do ‘Reciprocate,’ she didn’t do ‘Session 33,’ I didn’t do a lot of songs from the new album,” she said to the crowd. “I want you to know that, you know, this sh*t is real. I write a lot of my stuff. I write most of my stuff and it’s still a fresh wound.”


Many fans that we in attendance showed they understood where Summer Walker was coming from. But you know, you can’t please everybody. I’m excited to see her looking great and putting herself out there, despite her social anxiety. Currently, Summer is trying to continue to raise a happy, beautiful baby and love on her new man, Larry. Check out their matching tattoos they revealed back in November.

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