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Actor Brian Tyree Henry

Source: Irving Rivera / @graphicsmetropolis

Atlanta actor Brian Tyree Henry lands the cover of Cassius. From Bullet Train to Spiderman, Henry is coined “an actor’s actor.” He speaks with Cassius about working with his fellow Atlanta cast mate Zazie Beatz, being a Black actor and his fight scene with Brad Pitt.

In the insightful profile, journalist Keith Murphy chronicles the life and career of 40-year-old actor Brian Tyree Henry. In the story, Henry reveals the moment when he realized a professional acting career was a feasible pathway during his early days at Morehouse University.

Henry’s breakout role in FX’s hit comedy drama series Atlanta was just the beginning for his flourishing career. Since then, he has appeared in countless projects. Most recently, he appeared in the action and comedy film Bullet Train, which is currently in theaters.

Henry shares a fun story about filming his latest movie and learning the fight choreography with Pitt.

“So Brad and I are trying to figure out how to do all of this different fight choreography where we have to be quiet,” Henry reveals. “At one point [during the scene], I told him, ‘You look like every homeless white man I’ve ever seen. You are going to sit in front of me wearing a bucket hat? Oh, fantastic.’ I just said, ‘Let’s go in, man.’ And Brad had a great time with that. I’ve been fortunate enough to been on this leg of the Brad Pitt Fun Tour.”

He is also set to join the cast of the Joker sequel alongside his Atlanta cast mate Beatz. When talking about working with Beatz, Henry shares that the two have an ongoing joke.

“Me and Za have an ongoing joke. Like on Atlanta it’s very rare when she and I ever get to have scenes together,” Henry shares in the interview. “So flash forward to the Joker. We both get cast in that movie and I was like, oh my God, yet another project where I don’t have any scenes with Zazie! And then I’m in Bullet Train and I was like, still no scenes together. I just told Zazie at this point this should just be our cosmic joke for the rest of our lives.”

Henry has certainly reached some major milestones within the entertainment industry, and he continues to share his journey as inspiration to the next Black actor, who may not believe the dream is possible.

“I grew up as most of us Black men and Black women in a society hearing what we can’t be. We’ve been told, no, you can’t aspire to be that,” Henry says. “Make sure that you push everything down and don’t feel anything. So what I’ve had the absolute honor and grace of being able to discover in acting is it gave me an outlet. It gave me an opportunity to play several different layers and several different sides of who a Black man can be in this world. I just want to constantly do this as a reminder that you can do anything.”

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