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Hands down, the favorite show of bad girls and women everywhere this winter was Oxygen TV’s ‘Bad Girls Club’. Every week millions of people tuned in to watch a small group of women make big noise in LA. If 7 women from all over the country, none knowing the other, living together, drinking, fighting, loving, sexing, scheming, lying, backstabbing, bragging, and running their city your type of show then welcome to Heaven.

Power 10.5 and FlyPaper Online Magazine were able to get an exclusive interview with Natalie when she came to Columbus to rock Martini Park restaurant and nightclub located in the Easton district.

Natalie was looking hot and she had some very interesting things to say about the show, her personality, her future, and her beef (or lack thereof) with comedian Lil Duvall. Check out the interview Natalie had with FlyPaper’s own Doug Williams. Will she run your city? Find out for yourself.


Q. The Bad Girls Club highlighted a lot of bad qualities of the women that were on the show. We know you have good qualities; so what would you say are three good qualities that people watching wouldn’t know?

A. Natalie values the education she has attained over the years. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a double-major in Communication and Sociology, along with a minor in Business.

-“….I really want to work with and help juvenile delinquents…”

-The “bad girl” says she has a great amount of self-respect. She is pleased with the fact that she didn’t have sex in order to make her way to the top. Even though she slept with one person in the industry, she is not for having a sexual reputation.

-Another quality Nunn has is the fact that she is family oriented.

-NN: “I take care of my grandmother and I just bought a house for my family out in Cali.”

-DW: “really? So is that a cultural part of your life where you were raised to be close to your family? I realize that Latin-based families stick together well like you are doing with your fam. What is your nationality?

-NN: “Yes. I am Puerto Rican and Brazilian.

Q. What’s next for the Infamous Nunn?

-NN: I’m going to have my own TV show

-DW: for sure? Is this a rumor, brand new information, or what?

-NN: “Well I just signed the contract, so I am sure it’s gonna happen.”

-DW: What’s the name of the show?

-NN: It’s called ‘I Run L.A.’

Q. Everyone knows you Run L.A. What city will you run next?

-NN: Houston, NY, Miami….The globe!

Q. We all grow up having different dreams in life, and everyone takes different paths. 10 yrs ago (age 15) where did you think you’d be today?

-NN: I knew I was gonna be a personality!

-DW: This was your dream?

-NN: Yep, I wanted to be famous

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Check out the pics from Natalie Nunn’s appearance at Martini Parkand stay tuned for more details on Natalie.