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OFF THE RADAR: Kreg and Dez get ‘Stupid’ Fruity Love in Columbus.

What started as some fun in the studio for two local entertainers ended up a staple in Hookah bars across the country. Kreg and Dez are opening the publics eyes to the Hookah culture here in Columbus and abroad with their latest track that pokes fun at hookah smoking, women, and hip hop itself. The song ‘Stupid Fruity Hookah’ could be a catalyst for a new movement for these two.


Kreg Marable and Dez Arnez discovered shisha bars two years ago through their pal Omar Swanson. The Short North’s Gypsy Cafe quickly became one of their social hubs.

Last month the self-proclaimed non-rappers, hosts of “The Kreg & Dez Show” podcast at kingsrowe.com, saw their puffing pastime lead to a local hip-hop hit when they released “Stupid Fruity Hookah” through Twitter.

“I wasn’t expecting big-ass buzz,” Kreg said.