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Someone operating the Twitter Account @TheRealLilKim has taken the Queen Bee‘s on stage attacks on Nicki Minaj to the next level.

The account has already obtained over 26,000 followers since unleashing a non-stop barrage of insults on everyone from  Nicki Minaj and Drake to P Diddy and Kat Stacks, but it has not been verified, meaning it may or may not actually be Lil Kim.

“@IamDiddy aka loose booty hole, aka I live in the closet, aka I have kids to cover up I’m a bottom,” read one scathing message.

The account message has stated that Lil Kim was on an Atlanta radio station today and announced that this account was being created, but it doesn’t state which station she was on.

“Yes, Yes Ya’ll it’s the real and only first lady of the rap game Kimmy. My account will be verified tonight.”

The author of the posts seems to have as much hate for Diddy as she does for Nicki Minaj, writing that”I love JLO, I wish she was gangsta and would post pics of the real reason she left @iamdiddy aka loose jaw.” Evidently, this Lil Kim is upset that Diddy may be managing/mentoring Nicki Minaj.

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Whether it is really Lil Kim or not has not stopped fans and followers from retweeting and commenting on the things being written.

“OMG My Queen Bee you are finally here,” one fan wrote. “I see you cleaning house…I love you!”

The appearance of this account comes on the heels of recent comments Lil Kim as made about Nicki Minaj not respecting her or “paying homage.” She claimed the Minaj has spoken ill of her in interviews and the Twitter page goes further saying that the Young Money star has been dishing dirt about Kim behind her back.

“What ya’ll don’t know is that I embraced Nikki 4 years ago and now she’s been trashing me to people behind the scenes,” the Twitter Page says. “Try again Onika!”

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So far none of the celebs attacked has responded to the Twitter Account.  Given the relationship that Lil Kim has had with Diddy over the years it seems unlikely that she’d choose Twitter to air any real beef she’s had with him. Running your mouth on the Internet seems out of character for a woman who went to jail for not opening her mouth in court.

What do you think? Is this the real Queen Bee going off or someone trying to get a buzz?

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