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Though the subject is not really discussed often, many people are curious as to the mindset of a man who is homosexual. We turn our heads to it but we know that we are perplexed by why some men would choose to be with another man. Well the freshxpress has some insight on this subject.


As a straight Black man in America this happens to be one of the subjects I am most critical of and it creates the social stigma that continues to haunt our existence as Black men. There are many that feel this lifestyle serves as a utopia to indulge in the promiscuity and pleasure of clandestine homosexual acts perpetrated by men who are obviously gay hiding behind a so-called straight identity. The problem that I have are with the advocates and practitioners that boldly declares that it is no one else’s business who they prefer to sleep with and this is where the obfuscation begins. I strongly feel that it is these type of callous and selfish acts are responsible for the disproportionate HIV rates among Black women and places straight men at a disadvantage of suspicion and concern.

The term itself is a microcosm of a deeper problem associated with trust issues within Black relationships and the evident lack of responsibility this precarious lifestyle encompasses. Several years ago a gay co-worker and friend of mine described the mind set of some gay men driven by their insatiable libidos with disregard for the ritualistic nuances of traditional dating and use of protection. He also expressed his discontent with men being afraid to commit to either sex as it is also frowned upon within the gay community that has spawned a new generation of men associated with the DL lifestyle.

Hip-Hop is also convenient and the culprit for exploiting a hypermasculine lifestyle READ MORE