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Troy Dixon, better known to the world as Trouble T-Roy, was a member of Heavy D & The Boyz who died after a fall from a stage during a rehearsal in 1990 and immortalized in Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth’s classic single “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)”

July 15, 2010 marks the 20th anniversary of his death and XXL Magazine has put together a great memorial piece featuring interviews with G-Whiz and DJ Eddie F of Heavy D & The Boyz, CL Smooth, and Trouble T-Roy’s daughter, Tantania Dixon, who was only 9 months old when he died.

CL Smooth: [Troy’s death] signified what special people mean to the people when they just all of a sudden, at the prime of the lives, are just gone. So many people of the world are affected by that one move, it’s so similar to everybody at that time. It just wasn’t Troy dying it was a lot of our friends dying but Troy was like a public figure that died; someone who was [from] the ’hood but was doing something positive and in the height of what he was doing to get cut short was like he was cheated. I felt that despite me being closer to him or not closer to him than the next person, I felt like I was in a position to do something special [to remember him].

G-Whiz: We were all there when [Troy fell]. It was one of them things where, you know, when an accident happens it’s like, “Wow, that just happened.” It’s just one of those things I’ll never ever forget… When it happened, it was like in shock and it took a while for me to come out of that shock. I didn’t know how to deal with death… I had never lost anyone that close to me. It was really hard for me at the time. I didn’t even make it to the funeral.

Tantania Dixon: [Heavy D, G-Whiz and Eddie F.] still ’til this day treat me like their own. Like, I’m their niece and my uncle Glen [G-Whiz] actually, is like my father from time to time, and steps in when he needs to step in [Laughs]. My uncles told me that my father was a goofball, and like he just brought so much life to the set… Whenever I’m with them they always tell me about memories and how my father was just so full of energy and they see a lot of that in me and how I make people feel sometimes. They said that’s how my father was and I think that’s why my uncle Hev and uncle Glen get teary eyed and sad sometimes ’cause they see some of his traits in me.

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