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Just two years after Yung Berg had his $10,000 Transformers chain stolen at a club in Detroit, the Chicago rapper allegedly got robbed again — this time for a chain featuring a Batman medallion. We want to help stop the madness. So our friends at came up with six things Berg can do to prevent himself from getting punked again.

“#3 Quit buying chains that look like they came straight out of a cereal box.

You could buy a diamond-encrusted Jesus piece. Or a cross. Or a microphone. Or a pair of praying hands. Or… well, we think (hope? pray?) you get the point. If not, the point is that the chains you continue to buy are so instantly recognizable that it’s impossible for you to deny that they’re yours when guys show up on the Internet wearing them. Bottom line: Stop buying fruity pebbles that look like they came in boxes of Fruity Pebbles!”



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