According to Reports, Many eyebrows were raised when Baby Future called Russell Wilson(Step Father) “Papa”.  Surprisingly it seems like it’s a regular thing and maybe been going on for awhile but now surfaced on video.  Of course Future fans feels it’ds crossing the line but what do you think?

According to reports, Omarion and Apryl Jones took to their personal social media and made a public statement that the two are going their separate ways. Reports show the decision was mutually on ending their relationship.  Omarion nor Apryl Jones has came forward to tell the reasons for the break up. But for right now Omarion […]

Wendy William better be careful with the Behive.

Ej son of legendary basketball player Magic Johnson wants to take his career to the next level and believes NYC will help him be more successful in the fashion industry. The reality  T.V. show will broadcast the challenges and personal life of Ej while chasing his dreams. Will you watch?

It’s always good that two parents are able to work things out for the best of the child.

According to the video, Toni Braxton brings out her secret lover Birdman on stage. There has been rumors that the two has been dating for a while and now it’s confirmed the two is in a full committed relationship!

According to reports, the documentary will be released sometime in July. The documentary will cover his life story and the dog fight scandal.

Everyone is still talking about Drake doing such a great job hosting SNL.

The face Mariah made when asked ” Say three nice nice things to say about Nicki Minaj” was PRICELESS .