Nia Noelle’s Water Cooler Talk

  WATER COOLER TALK: Meet Chase Culpepper a North Carolina teen that just got his drivers licence! Usually this is a happy time for any teenager but things quickly flipped for him when the DMV asked him to remove his makeup before he could take his drivers licence picture. Why? South Carolina Department of Motor […]

WATER COOLER TALK: A couple of days ago boxer Floyd Mayweather posted his opinion about how women dress on Instagram. “How a female dresses is her advertisement. If a female shows half of her body, she’s asking to be disrespected. If she dresses classy, expect to be treated like a lady. How you’re addressed lies […]

WATER COOLER TALK: I was shopping the other day for Father’s Day cards are came across a couple of Father’s Day cards for Mom’s. I’ve never seen Mother’s Day cards for Fathers and this got me thinking… is this really necessary?   Follow me on Twitter @NiaNolPower1075 or on Instagram @Nia_Noelle  

  WATER COOLER TALK: Yesterday Halle Berry was ordered to pay her ex boyfriend and father of her child, Gabriel Aubry, $16,000 a month or nearly $200,000 a year to support their daughter. The order also calls for Berry to pay her ex-boyfriend a retroactive payment of $115,000 and $300,000 to his attorneys to cover […]

WATER COOLER TALK: Meet Nasir Fleming, an openly gay 17 year old student from Danbury High School that was nominated for his high school’s prom and queen. Nasir had to choose what title he wanted to run for and he chose to run for Queen. Why? Nasir has been openly gay sine the 6th grade and […]

  WATER COOLER TALK: Meet 20 year old Alabama rapper Mose Leonard (pictured left). Leonard was already in court May 15 for charges of unlawfully breaking and entering into a vehicle. This came a day after he posted the video on YouTube. A judge granted him youthful offender status and suspended his original three-year sentence. […]

  WATER COOLER TALK: The Solange, Jay-Z and Beyonce elevator saga continues! CNN is reporting that a representative for The Standard, the hotel where the incident is believed to have occurred, released this statement to HLN: “We are shocked and disappointed that there was a clear breach of our security system and the confidentiality that […]

  Meet Felicia Smith a 42 year old teacher at Stovall Middle School in Houston, Texas, has been charged with improper relationship with a student after giving a student a birthday lap dance in front of the entire class.   According to a male student, “Ms. Smith” grabbed his journal and stopped him from talking to his friends as […]

  Mimi Faust and boyfriend Nikko rocked the internet earlier this week with the “leak” of their sex tape that also happened to drop on the same day as the trailer for their reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  Coincidence, no but that’s just my opinion.  Initial reports were that they were getting 5million […]

  A California 13 year old’s parents are upset because their child was beat up by her classmates mother at the bus stop!  What happened?  Well according to 13 year old Desseray Tillman her classmate was upset because she was sitting in the seat that she wanted.  After getting off the school bus Desseray was […]

  WATER COOLER TALK: Breaking News In Ohio!! A federal judge has officially ruled that Ohio must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. Do you agree with the ruling?     Follow me on Twitter: @NiaNoelle @NiaNolPower1075 or on Instagram: Msnol  

  WATER COOLER TALK: Brooklyn rapper is being investigated by the feds for murder and they want to use his violent rap videos as evidence against him. “Ra Diggs” claims that his videos are not a depiction of his reality, however, arguing that ike … Johnny Cash who tells us he ‘shot a man in […]