Power TV

  The Power 107.5 team gathered for Misty’s Wedding Day…..check out the wedding ceremony below!        

The PMC gave away V.I.P. tickets to sexapalooza to a lucky listener who gave the best fake “Big O’ [ooyala code=”VnOG50ODp09fhTw6wodLQx_ttMkW_sRJ”]

Power 1075 was out at Haunted Hoochie just like every Saturday, but this time with a twist. DJ Big Bink was on the 1s and 2s and City was on the mic. CLUB 1075 WAS LIVE FROM THE HOOCHIE!!!!!   [ooyala code=”M2NHVlNjrSfUUUTIEYZS9TlgzAFy8FJ8″]

Dana,a lucky Power 1075 listener,won a $1,000 shopping spree on behalf of Power 1075 and Columbia records. Check out how many bags she walked out of the mall with. [ooyala code=”twbHg1NjrtedZgMiPJYH_nqNeuGFup35″]

The Wendy’s Logo is changing!! The Dublin based fast food company is making a move to change its logo for the first time since 1983. The goal of this change to continue the transformation of the company into a more high end hamburger chain.  However, these changes aren’t stopping there. The employee uniforms will also […]

Carlton Still At It: Alfonso Ribiero aka Carlton From "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" Starts A Flash Mob Of His Famous Dance!

Marijuana Vending Machine Now Available!

Ashley London covered the “Think Like A Man” premiere here in Columbus for Radio One. She got people’s reaction to the movie and even asked a couple of questions to see what people think runs through a man’s mind in certain situations [ooyala code=”9jdTBpNDqi5zYdGqnV63Ib85nUEksblB”]

The internet has Sweet Brown  into it’s latest viral sensation. It was just last weekend, that a woman named “Sweet Brown” was interviewed by an Oklahoma television station after her apartment went up in flames and she escaped with nothing but her life (and bronchitis). The video quickly went viral and an internet celebrity was […]