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Yesterday, we saw Robyn wearing a gold bikini. Today, she takes it off… SOURCE RELATED::WTH!? Kids Are Snorting Smarties And It’s Giving Them Nose Maggots RELATED::Fantasia Finally Learns Important Love Lesson [VIDEO]

  The Body Issue is ESPN The Magazine’s annual celebration of athletes’ amazing bodies.       Let’s take a look at the superstars that made this year’s issue. SOURCE RELATED::I’d Rather Kill Myself: 11-Year-Old Yemeni Girl Speaks Out About Being Forced To Marry An Older Man! RELATED::Rihanna Breaks Down On Stage  

And what they have to say about it! SOURCE RELATED::City To Open Hydrants For Operation Cool Down RELATED::Central Ohio Sees Rise In Gambling Addicts Banning Themselves From Betting

Beyonce is naked and majestic on the cover of the latest issue of Flaunt magazine. In the African-themed photos, shot in 2011 by Tony Duran for the R&B star’s Year of 4 campaign, Queen B is covered in paint and glitter as she shows off her curvaceous figure. We’re not sure why Flaunt waited so long to release […]

You what’s better than having a banger? Having a banger that’s willing to get really freaky with you. If you’re lucky to be with these people then count your blessings. And while most celebrities like to be mum about their bedtime rituals, some like to tell the world how they get down. These ladies are […]