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Blueface, the rapper who has never heard an instrumental he can’t rhyme off-beat to, has called his own momma a “clout chaser.” Also, he kicked her and his sister out of his home.

Of course, Blueface and fam made all of this known via social media.

Reportedly, the “Thotiana” rapper is living his best life and is currently involved with two girlfriends. However, the issue is allegedly one of the ladies refused to acknowledge his mother. This lead to an argument, which escalated to both his mom and sister sharing footage of themselves getting booted from his Los Angeles crib.

In the video, he is seen literally kicking his sister as she goes down the steps as he tells her to get out.


Blueface then took to social media as well, saying, “Sheesh you know it’s getting hectic when yo own momma do it for the clout.”

Good lord.


Blueface is copping pleas, but Twitter isn’t buying what he’s selling.

Peep more of the back and forth, and the usual Twitter reactions, below.

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3. Son really has 2 girlfriends.



6. Bruh!