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The world belongs to Simone Biles and after throwing out the 1st pitch of game 2 of the World Series things haven’t changed at all because she threw out the 1st pitch in a way no one has EVER done before. Check it out Click HERE to see the video

Now I have 3 daughters and trust me if they need it they got it, no matter what it is and no matter the cost……if they NEED it. But want is something different if they just want something depending on what it is or depending on grades or attitude they might be good. But I […]


It’s finally happened and we knew it would happen sooner than later, with hip hop being the 1 genre in the world many wonder when a hip hop artist would crack the billion dollar mark. Everyone knew that it would happen the only question was who would get there 1st well the wait is over […]


It hare to believe that it to this long for this to happen, when men have been cheering for decades in college sports. While most have fully supported this there are still some that hate what will happen on Feb 3rd. when 2 men take the field not to play the game, record the game, […]

Some blame it on the rain some blame it on the alcohol aaaannnnnndddd Kim K blames it on the Ecstasy. Letting everyone know in a recent convo. on KUWTK that the reason she was shaking during the filming was because of the drugs.  Via TMZ Kim K says “I did ecstasy once and I got married […]


So what y’all think ????? Hot or Hell Naw  Via TMZ……   Blac Chyna is dropping the single that proves her goal to become a rapper wasn’t just a hip-hop pipe dream — as some people thought. BC dropped her debut single Monday … it’s called “Deserve” and features Yo Gotti and Jeremih … but make no mistake, Chyna really […]

The internet went nuts when Dr. Dre announced that he is Hip Hop’s first Billionaire! Thanks to Apple! Apple reportedly buying his Beats by Dr. Dre Brand for 3.2 Billion dollars!

LOS ANGELES — My daughter has to do an individual oral presentation for her second-grade class every other week. This week, she needs to read a biography and then share insight into why that person is important and worth studying. She picked an autobiography by Bethany Hamilton, who lost her left arm in a shark attack […]

NAB Dance Battle September 1st

Augusta National Admits 1st Woman ...Condoleezza Rice!!