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Now I have 3 daughters and trust me if they need it they got it, no matter what it is and no matter the cost……if they NEED it. But want is something different if they just want something depending on what it is or depending on grades or attitude they might be good. But I can’t lie if I had it they would be spoiled like crazy but even with that I wouldn’t do anything that just doesn’t make a lot of sense but I know how to save my coins lol. Not trying to throw shade at Cardi or Offset but damn to buy your child, who is not even a year old yet a $100,000 chain just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me because there are so many other things that money could’ve went to like …….education IJS . One thing I found out about kids is that when they are little expensive things really don’t matter to them, example: how many of you parents wished you would gotten your kids the boxes the toys came in instead of the toys when they were 1 or 2 yrs old, because most kids get more enjoyment out of the simple shit then they do the expensive shit, to keep 100 we usually get the more lavish things for everybody else and not the kids themselves. But no one told Cardi B and Offset how infants and toddlers operate because they just dropped $100k for a  pendant and chain are made of diamonds, white gold and vibrantly colored enamel …Full Story Here 

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