Lately everybody and their momma has put out a top 50,25,10 and 5 rappers list and just as you would expect nobody has got the list right. One of the reasons is because when it comes to these list most people are ranking the rappers on who THEY believe should be in that spot and […]

Now I have 3 daughters and trust me if they need it they got it, no matter what it is and no matter the cost……if they NEED it. But want is something different if they just want something depending on what it is or depending on grades or attitude they might be good. But I […]

TMZ just got pics of Iggy hanging out with NBA Superstar Jimmy Butler and everyone started to talk relationship but Iggy quickly shot that down saying Via TMZ…… the two just happened to be “standing next to” each other in a restaurant parking lot.”Can we please stop saying every man who is single you see me […]

  Jennifer Lopez in Brian Atwood Jennifer Lopez is now one of my favorite fashionistas!  She is putting it down on American Idol fashion wise!  She was spotted leaving dinner in LA with her American Idol co-stars in this Brian Atwood Fiona leopard print pumps.  I love an all black outfit and a pop of color […]