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On average, about 5,000 people, give or take a few, die from unintentional overdose deaths in the state of Ohio. The numbers over the last decade have been up and down consistently, however, in recent years it is clear that there is a true epidemic among us. According to the Franklin County Coroner’s office, they […]


  In the state of Ohio, many people find themselves struggling with addiction. Whether it be drugs, alcohol or gambling, the addictive behaviors have been growing. Reports show that over the last seven years gambling in Ohio has doubled! Bruce Jones works with the Maryhaven Gambling Intervention Program in Columbus and he says the numbers […]

The 614

The city is helping those fight their addictions and with the costs this week. Last year 522 people died from drug overdoses in Franklin County alone, according to 10TV. The City of Columbus is doing its part to help those struggling with addiction with free lifesaving counseling. At seven locations in the city, people can […]

Two Georgia brothers plea guilty to brutally attacking their parents. The parents survived, forgave their sons and asked the judge for leniency.

Attorney William Mauzy confirmed that Dr. Howard Kornfeld, a California-based specialist and a national authority on opioid addiction treatment, was contacted by representatives for the entertainer who said Prince "was dealing with a grave medical emergency." Mauzy works with the Kornfeld family.

If you’re familiar with a movie called “Unfaithful” [starring Diane Lane & Richard Gere] … kinda reminds of me of it. Source | Blackmediascoop It’s…

With his sweep in the Grammys’ rap categories on Sunday, Macklemore is facing the requisite amount of internet backlash. The main complaints against him are that his pro-gay anthem “Same Love” is pandering and focuses too much on Macklemore’s heterosexuality, and that his wins (and subsequent apology) are emblematic of white privilege. These debates will rage on — as […]

According to Gucci Mane was charged in federal court with two counts of possessing a firearm as a felon and is facing up to 20…

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Imagine an addiction so strong, you spend away your house, you alienate family and you lose your sense of control. Gambling. The fear of failing is so great for some, especially with nearly a dozen new casinos and racinos popping up across the state, that they’re banning themselves from betting. 10TV spoke with […]

Beware. 1. The first photo you take is never the best via graphicsmetropolis 2. If you dont have a pic of it, you did not eat it. Particularly, desserts. via graphicsmetropolis 3. You are suddenly drawn to spheres, spirals and patterns via graphicsmetropolis 4. Now you want a pet… via graphicsmtropolis 5. Kelvin is no longer just a temperature scale 6. You cannot drink your […]