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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Imagine an addiction so strong, you spend away your house, you alienate family and you lose your sense of control.


The fear of failing is so great for some, especially with nearly a dozen new casinos and racinos popping up across the state, that they’re banning themselves from betting.

10TV spoke with the first person to put himself on a growing state-wide list to keep addicts out of casinos.

Justin Gale said the first time he went into a casino was to win money, but he left with an addiction.

“The first thing that would happen when I would walk into a gambling facility is my heart would start racing, the anticipation would be there, the excitement, the hope that today’s going to be a day, going to be a great day,” Gale said.

Gambling at casinos and race tracks for 35 years, Gale said he could not stop.

“No matter if I won or lost, I wanted to place a bet as soon as possible,” Gale said. “Any money a compulsive gambler can get their hands on, they’re betting it.”

Gale, who is a recovering addict, called gambling his drug that allowed him to be free. READ MORE

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