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Cancer won’t be slowing “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek anytime soon. Since being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March, he’s filmed 50 shows and in a new video update to fans on Wednesday, said he’s planning on returning in September for Season 36 of the long-running game show. Trebek, 78, said he just finished taping Season 35 and will […]

  Beloved television host Alex Trebek officially announced today that he has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. Trebek has been hosting Jeopardy! for more than 30 years. He decided to share his news by posting a personal video onto the Jeopardy! YouTube page. He makes it clear he will keep working throughout his cancer […]

It’s always entertaining when a classic family game show like Jeopardy has trivia involving anything hip hop related. Contestant Sara from Thursday night’s episode of the hit show wasn’t quite as prepared for one question as she thought it was. Her hilarious wrong answer turned into a great laugh for the hip hop fans and […]

Who knew Alex Trebek had bars? On Wednesday night there was a “Musical Acts” category on Jeopardy, and the iconic host had to read lyrics to Drake and Future‘s “Jumpman” from their collaborative project, What a Time to Be Alive. As Trebek struggles to read the fellow Canadian’s lyrics,“Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, them boys up to somethin’/ Uh, […]