The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium will donate  $10,000 to an emergency wildlife fund in Australia to help animals impacted by the devastating bush fires throughout the country. “Our hearts go out to the people and wildlife of Australia, and we continue to follow the situation closely while remaining in regular communication with our Australian colleagues […]

Beyonce is an inspiration to all – even architects in Melbourne, Australia. It turns out the world-famous Lemonade singer and her curves inspired a $315 million building, dubbed the ‘Beyonce Tower’ by many. The Hive will be happy to know it was Bey’s “Ghost” video that stirred Elenberg Fraser’s concept for the apartment and hotel project. […]

Viewers of an Australian talk show learned that some of their White neighbors and media personalities are perfectly fine with calling Black people "negroes."

In Australia, the Dunghutti Aboriginal People are made up of eight tribal groups that reside in the continent’s Macleay Valley region. Their way of life was…

What better way for a young, privileged White woman to ring in her 21st birthday than with a racist party full of stereotypical, ignorant depictions…

Here’s something even more disgusting than anchovies! A cafe in Australia has started offering locust pizza! Locust swarms have been plaguing northern Victoria, so the owners of a local restaurant decided to make the best of it. In their minds, that meant rounding up the insects and adding them as pizza toppings. It’ll be the […]

Kelly Rowland had a diva moment on a recent commercial flight to Sydney.

A 19-year-old teen will test Australia’s laws as the first person to be charged with offensive behavior, for listening to rap music. Nathan Michael Wilkie was charged with offensive behavior as he waited in his car listening to Australian rapper Kid Selzy, while his mother was grocery shopping. Police heard Wilkie listening to an explicative […]

Whitney was spotted flying out of Sydney International Airport yesterday looking pretty rough. Whit looks like she needs some strong coffee!!

Whitney Houston’s tour promoter is blaming the diva’s smoking habit as being the cause behind her erratic stage performances.

After her a concert in Australia on Monday, fans walked out of Whitney Houston’s concert early declaring it a disappointment.