#bigbinkshow Man they hatin on the dude that destroyed Donald trumps Start on Hollywood.  If you remember a couple of weeks ago, James Otis went in and totally destroyed Donald Trump’s star on Hollywood.   He recently went to court and the D.A. is trying to give him time to do behind bars.  smh…Donald trump […]

#bigbinkshow Chance has taken the success of his number one record to influence his fans to vote.  He lead a march of Thousands to the polls which could make a difference in the elections!  

  #bigbinkshow Get Out and Vote tomorrow!!!!  Pools open up at 6:30!!!  If you don’t know where to go, here is the list!!!  No Excuses!!!  

#bigbinkshow Have you Voted yet?  According to reports, 24.4 million people have already early Voted (in 38 states) which is awesome but the African American Votes are down…Make sure you get out to Vote and make a difference for Columbus! Other reports are saying that Donald Trump approximately has a 5 point lead over Hillary […]

#bigbinkshow     Here is some unreleased footage of what happened before the famous debate we saw on Monday between Hillary and Donald Trump.  After watching this video, I’m sure you will have a different view on this year’s presidential election.  Watch at your own risk.        

There is a lot of speculation about legalization of marijuana in Ohio.  This is not an old issue for Ohio.  The reason it is getting so much attention around the state is because a handful of rich people are looking to profit billions from it so they put millions behind propaganda to get this issue […]