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#bigbinkshow – Everyone if talking about the Video the Snoop Dogg has put out.  Now the secret service are putting there eyes and ears on the entire Snoop Dog operation.  Now word right now if they will react to the video but with the president changing this world daily, who knows what is next. “Who […]

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  That girl KNOWS that she can sing! Jessie J perform her hit songs on Ellen!

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Justin Bieber I Wanted to Bang Selena Since I Was 15 years old

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Chief Keef drops a video for “Round Da Rosey.” At this point you gotta admit that Sosa is throwing a gang of songs/videos against the wall and hoping one sticks. As the title suggests, the Chi-Raq rapper incorporates the “Ring Around The Rosie” nursery rhyme into a rap song. Good look with that. The visual features Sosa, his […]