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When will we get tired of these challenges? Now don’t get me wrong some of them are fun and everyone should enjoy them like the dancing challenges and the ice bucket challenge which was for ALS. But it seems that lately all of the challenges have been to get a laugh from social media at […]


The holiday season is full of joy and laughter and fun times with family. However, with that also comes risks. The major shopping that takes places throughout the holidays, has also become a feeding ground for thieves! It literally only takes a moment for someone to take it upon themselves to trespass on your property […]

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So after only two weeks Blac Chyna and Soulja Boy are calling it quits it seems the reason for the break up is the same reason the couple got together, it’s because of Chyna’s ex Tyga. A source close to the couple told TMZ…. the relationship started to fracture after Soulja and Chyna got into […]

Despite all of the talk in Hip-Hop being about his song “Control,” Big Sean just dropped the video for his song “Bewware” which features Jhene…

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Beware. 1. The first photo you take is never the best via graphicsmetropolis 2. If you dont have a pic of it, you did not eat it. Particularly, desserts. via graphicsmetropolis 3. You are suddenly drawn to spheres, spirals and patterns via graphicsmetropolis 4. Now you want a pet… via graphicsmtropolis 5. Kelvin is no longer just a temperature scale 6. You cannot drink your […]

Photos, The 614

According to, China, the world’s fourth largest condom market is having a serious issue with counterfeit condoms being sold in the country. The police have made four arrests at the factory which was distributing the illicit condoms. The biggest concern, of course, is the fact that the condoms can generate both pregnancy and diseases […]