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When will we get tired of these challenges? Now don’t get me wrong some of them are fun and everyone should enjoy them like the dancing challenges and the ice bucket challenge which was for ALS. But it seems that lately all of the challenges have been to get a laugh from social media at someone else expense, in other words, anything for some likes because in this social media generation everyone wants to go viral. This challenge has already hurt one child causing her to have a huge bruise on her head, this young lady is currently enrolled at Berwick Alternative in the fifth grade. FOR YOUR SAFETY THIS IS HOW THE CHALLENGE IS DONE …...“Three people stand side-by-side. The person in the middle doesn’t know what’s about to happen. Thinking they’re taking a slo-mo video of jumping, the person in the middle jumps high only to have the person on the left and the right sweep their legs out from under them.” FULL STORY CLICK HERE

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