#bigbinkshow – Everyone if talking about the Video the Snoop Dogg has put out.  Now the secret service are putting there eyes and ears on the entire Snoop Dog operation.  Now word right now if they will react to the video but with the president changing this world daily, who knows what is next. “Who […]

#bigbinkshow Happy 4/20 from the Lil Homie – Lil Duvall  

  10:00 AM PT — Wayne’s camp denies he was smoking in flight. They say they were told the plane turned around for mechanical problem. Lil Wayne was kicked off the private jet he chartered minutes after takeoff, because the rapper lit up a joint almost immediately after wheels up. We’re told Wayne told the pilot before […]

Rihanna is the queen of posting scandalous Instagram photos, and this latest one is no different. The “Diamonds” starlet posted another sexy picture of her smoking a blunt on Wednesday (January 23), probably much to Lena Dunham’s dismay. It’s no secret that Rihanna is a free spirit, never afraid of posting pictures of herself puffing away. She […]