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The last time we saw the lovely ladies of the Braxton family on our TV screens was in August 2016, although it has seemed like forever. So much has happened in their lives since then, especially for baby sis Tamar and oldest sister Toni. However, nothing can prepare you for the downright explosive full-length trailer […]

Celebrity Gossip

Tamar Braxton is having a very rough week…actually she’s having a rough year. By now, you’ve no doubt heard the recent rumors regarding her and her husband/manager Vince, but as seen on tonight’s season finale of Braxton Family Values, Tamar also has to deal with all of her sisters ganging up on her once again. […]

Traci Braxton made her way to “The Real” to speak on behalf of her sister since Tamar is still recovering. Gossips, listen up: there’s no beef in among the Braxton sisters Earlier this month, Wendy Williams dished about the speculative discord between the girls stemming from Tamar’s decision to do Dancing With The Stars even […]

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  Tamar Braxton threw some pitch-black shade when she openly trashed her sister Traci Braxton’s vocal prowess on Twitter. After years of dreaming about a…

Judging by this new explosive trailer, Tamar Braxton has had enough of reality TV. WE Tv dropped the teaser for the upcoming fourth season of “Braxton…


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Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert’s son has finally made his first appearance! Yesterday Tamar announced via Twitter that she gave birth to a baby boy by saying, “#tamartian friends HE’S finally here! #bfv #tamarandvince #theone.”  She also tweeted a picture of three blue teddy bears next to flowers and balloons that read, “It’s a boy!” Everyone has pretty much known a boy was coming ever […]


  “Braxton Family Values” star Trina Braxton has filed for divorce from husband Grabriel Adrian-Solis, according to TMZ. Trina filed divorce docs in Georgia court claiming her marriage was…


The Braxton Family Values season 3 is gearing up to drop on We TV August 16th. The girls are at it again trying to 'get they life' as Tamar would say. Check out a sneak peak of the new season


On last night’s episode of “Braxton Family Values” we learned exactly what an “oral transaction” was but since we’re a family site, I’ll leave that definition up to your imagination. After hearing about Gabe’s infidelity towards Trina on last season, it’s surprising to hear that Trina has been dipping outside of her marriage too. She […]


The girls are still trying to hook Mama Ev up on blind dates! On this week's episode of "Braxton Family Values", Towanda decided to try and hook her mother up with one of her friends. The only problem is that this guy is super young, 27 years old to be exact. “Where is his Daddy for God’s sake?!" Mama Ev jokes during the date. I'm wondering the same thing! Looks like Ev is trying to get her groove back! Go head then!