Do you come from a family that celebrates the holidays traditionally? Whatever your great grandparents did, your grandparents followed suit, than your parents and now you! For Christmas many families are celebrating it with a tradition that they’re family has passed down. Some families in Wisconsin have been asked to not celebrate their weird tradition […]

Makeup lovers, get ready to spend some coins this week during the endless Black Friday sales. Brands are pulling out all the stops when it comes to giving discounts. Among the buzz-worthy retailers, is our makeup guru Rihanna with her Black Friday sale that has just about every product at a reduced price. Starting today, […]

Forever 21 is getting into the holiday spirit with their “It’s the Love You Give” apparel collection.

Halloween is right around the corner and celebrations have commenced. While you may enjoy a little trick or treating, are you brave enough to go through the world’s scariest haunted house to win a $20,000 prize? McKamey Manor down in Summertown, Tennessee is so extreme that participants must be 18 and up, sign a 40-page waiver, […]

Every 31st of October, no matter what day of the week, the goons and goblins are out and Halloween is being celebrated across the country. However, it’s now always the most convenient holiday in the world, especially if it lands on a weekday or school night. Kids get off school, rush to go trick-or-treating, and […]

The 614

Today is officially National Margarita Day!–And if you’re anything like myself, you really don’t need any reason to enjoy a refreshing margarita with some delicious tacos! February 22nd, 2019 has been dubbed National Margarita Day and there are a ton of restaurants offering awesome deals for you to enjoy! Some of my favorite food compliments […]

Love is in the air-or maybe it’s not! Either way it goes there is always something to do to celebrate or completely denounce the captivating holiday! After doing a little research I found a plethora of things to do in the city of Columbus in honor of Valentine’s Day. The entire week prior and up […]

It’s that time of the year again. All of the real housewives are sharpening their knives, ironing extra linens for their guest bedrooms and putting together their holiday menus. You, however, are the Anti-Housewife. You are preparing for Thanksgiving by thanking God that you survived another year of botched meals without burning down your poor […]

Before accepting a new job, it is always important to inquire about and negotiate, what your health care benefits will be once you clear any probationary periods prior to your coverage kicking in. Assuming full employment will automatically yield full health care coverage for you, and your loved ones, may possibly lead to a rude […]

Everyone knows I am part time Fit Girl part time Party Girl! I’m always looking for light ways to sip after I tricep dip, so when I came across Owl’s Brew, fresh-brewed and ready-to-pour tea crafted for cocktails, I had to share. So get ready to turn those winter tea time dates to bonafide springtime happy […]

We know that even in 2015, women earn less than men for the same work. It’s unfortunate and we work to change the system. But while we work to make that happen for the society at-large, we can also fight the subtle sexism that we might encounter daily in the workplace. MUST READ: 8 Things […]

Black voices are starting to make their own lanes in the media, creating a space for us to be heard as news, entertainment and pop culture pundits. Podcasts have been a thing for years, but I didn’t start listening until Serial took the world by storm. MUST READ: Black Voices Beauty Editor Talks Must-Haves, Bad […]