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Woods of Terror

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Halloween is right around the corner and celebrations have commenced. While you may enjoy a little trick or treating, are you brave enough to go through the world’s scariest haunted house to win a $20,000 prize?

McKamey Manor down in Summertown, Tennessee is so extreme that participants must be 18 and up, sign a 40-page waiver, complete a drug test, background check, physician-signed medical and mental waiver, proof of medical insurance, personal screening and established a ”safe” word prior to entry. 

The tour opened in back in 2017 and no one has been able to complete it and earn the monetary prize! According to reports, over 27,000 people are on the waiting list for a chance to complete the haunted house.

The owner, Russ McKamey creates a customized, adrenaline-fueled experience tailored to your specific fears. Former guests have complained of extreme torturous tactics including waterboarding, being physically bound, masked, slapped and stomped according to reports by The Guardian.

McKamey video records all visitors’ experiences and maintains that contestants endure more of a “mental-game” than physical torture. 

If you’re able to take it, the experience can last up to 8 hours, and the cost of admission is only a bag of dog food to feed McKamey’s 5 dogs. The haunted house has garnered so much attention that it was included on the Netflix show, ”Dark Tourism and Haunters: The Art of the Scare.” 

Is $20,000 enough money for you to go through this kind of extreme experience? Take our poll below!!


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