Today a robbery was caught on camera! Now, it’s understood that this wouldn’t be the first time sketchy burglars are caught on video but this time the suspects were filmed by an NBC4 photographer at the time of the crime. The incident occurred around 9 a.m. Saturday at International Market Foods located at 3120 […]

Los Angeles police are investigating a home burglary at the residence of Kid Ink. According to TMZ.com, Ink arrived at his L.A.-area home Thursday evening and found a bunch of luggage in his backyard, which he hadn’t put there. Upon further investigation, he discovered the property had been broken into and that upwards of $200k […]

An elderly Alabama man tied an alleged burglar to a tree. The intruder was dead when deputies arrived.

Now I heard about this earlier today but then Chris posted this on his IG page to confirm the craziness: Could you even imagine this…

<strong>Kid Cudi</strong> was accused of <strong>burglary</strong> and detained by police! <!--more-->