The Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA, in Texas is looking for a Houston-area contractor to incinerate evidence including drugs. The contractor must be able to burn various items like papers, cassette tapes, bulk marijuana, pharmaceuticals, and other incidental controlled substances. A focal point of the gig is to be able to burn 1,000 pounds of marijuana […]

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#bigbinkshow – Its getting messy!!!!  This video has been surfacing on the web showing Usher grinding with a female on stage in front of thousands.  Usher has been pretty silent about the allegations that he gave a woman Herpes, but he has the big money and he pays people to speak for him…stay tuned because […]

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Singer Fantasia Barrino canceled her scheduled Memphis performance due to second-degree burns, People Magazine reports.  Sources close to the singer say … she was dozing on her tour bus Sunday with an aromatherapy vaporizer nearby. She uses it to soothe her vocal cords. We’re told she thinks she rolled over onto the machine’s cord, which caused hot […]


Kenya Alozie has been sentenced to nine years in prison after burning a man’s genitals with an iron while they had sex.

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Bullies Torture 10-Year-Old Boy On School Bus And Burn Him With Lighter

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Lean with it, Rock with it, Burn with it? This has to be some of the most ignorant stuff I have ever seen in my life! Do you remember the Franchize Boyz? If you do then you probably know that these cats weren’t making hits all like that. So why in the hell would these […]