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Let me start this off by saying R KELLY STILL NASTY!!! And with that being said, last week R.Kelly filed papers through his lawyers asking to be released from prison due to the Coronavirus. His lawyers cited the conditions of prison saying that it is difficult for him to practice social distancing and maintain good […]


Popular eatery Chipotle is coming under fire for the use of their supposed compostable and plant-based brown bowls! A new report by New Food Economy found that the popular bowls are not only dangerous for the environment but equally dangerous for the people eating out of them too. According to Newsweek, molded fiber bowls were […]


  A weather man in Dayton, Ohio was not here for a bunch of whiny “Bachelorette” fans Monday night!! The adamant fans openly complained about his reports interrupting their Monday night TV plans. Fox45 weatherman Jamie Simpson went viral after a live television rant he made because of ABC watchers demanding the station “go back […]

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Now this is food for thought as bad as the Linden area other notable hood’s in the city, how in the hell is Whitehall the most dangerous city in Ohio?? Now i’m calling it BS but according to…. Up from 4th last year, Whitehall beat out such big Ohio cities as Toledo, Cleveland, Dayton—actually, every […]

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TMZ reports–NFL Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson says he’s personally witnessed Justin Bieber racing his Ferrari around the streets of Calabasas … and tells TMZ he’s worried the singer could seriously hurt someone if he doesn’t slow his ass down. We spoke to Dickerson — who’s lived in Calabsas for years — and the NFL […]

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