Now this is food for thought as bad as the Linden area other notable hood’s in the city, how in the hell is Whitehall the most dangerous city in Ohio?? Now i’m calling it BS but according to…. Up from 4th last year, Whitehall beat out such big Ohio cities as Toledo, Cleveland, Dayton—actually, every single citydue to its combined property crimes per capita and violent crimes per capita FBI datasets.“While crimes here skyrocketed in 2016, apparently, local jurisdictions have made progress, as crimes went down in 2017,” wrote Kolmar. “However, for a town of just over 18,835 people, 125 violent crimes is eye opening. Statistically, 1 in 150 residents was the victim of a rape, attack or was killed just two years ago. And that’s even lower than it was the year before, when it was double that.”

  1. Whitehall (Photos)
  2. Springfield (Photos)
  3. Canton (Photos)
  4. Cleveland (Photos)
  5. Lima (Photos)
  6. Portsmouth (Photos)
  7. Cincinnati (Photos)
  8. Chillicothe (Photos)
  9. Middletown (Photos)
  10. Dayton (Photos)

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