The 614

Walnut Ridge’s school year has been great, 1st they win the City League Championship in football then Ridge does something that hasn’t been done since 1971 which is winning the City League Championship in basketball. So to have one of their players win Ohio Mr. Basketball is just the icing on the cake because it […]

The 614

  Thomas Quinlan has been officially introduced as the next Chief of the Columbus Division of Police. He has currently been serving as the interim Chief of Police for Columbus and can now make a smooth and comfortable transition into the position permanently! “I expect a great deal from Chief Quinlan,” Mayor Ginther said. “Not […]

  Nike is a world renown, infinitely innovative brand and is still the largest athletic apparel maker in the world. Many athletes and entertainers thrive after creating partnerships with the Fortune 500 company. The latest venture for the massive brand has been expansion! The Nike worldwide headquarters will undergo and huge expansion and they plan […]


When will rappers, athletes actually entertainers period learn that someone is always watching especially when your in the lime light or a public figure there is always a camera around to catch you and here’s a question is this snitching??

The 614

Now this is food for thought as bad as the Linden area other notable hood’s in the city, how in the hell is Whitehall the most dangerous city in Ohio?? Now i’m calling it BS but according to…. Up from 4th last year, Whitehall beat out such big Ohio cities as Toledo, Cleveland, Dayton—actually, every […]

Celebrity Gossip

When will athletes and entertainers learn, someone is always filming they a$$ and that they have to be a little….no change that they need to be overly aware of that especially when they are out at a club and one of there hanger on’s get in to fight. This is what happened to NBA superstar […]