Just when you think women don’t support other woman, you were proved wrong.  Viola Davis takes her winning moment to shine light on other actress.

  GQ Magazine always shows love to Music’s greats. Nas recently hit GQ Maga, Now John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen.

**DISCLAIMER** Semi-Nude Photos included in this story. Good news! Chris Breezy is Freezy! Chris Brown free from Jail, but is he fathering a child?  Rumor mills going fast about him and his ex Manager Tina Davis that the two had a sexual relationship.  Well recently, Tina posted a photo of her two year old son. […]

Comedian De Ray Davis has been getting his share of the spotlight lately. He is one of the fastest rising comedians in the game. De Ray Davis landed a major role in one of the biggest comedies of the year ’21 Jump Street’ where he played a drug dealing biker with somewhat of a Dominican […]