Senior year is special for every high school student. Whether looking forward to prom, graduation or simply not having to come back again, senior year is a huge milestone for us all. Unfortunately for the Class of 2020, the viral pandemic that has swept the world has thrown a major wrench in the program. […]

The 614

This is just crazy, but when your a private school I guess u can make up your own rules, even if these rules make no sense at all. Single mother of two Summer Grant says she originally thought that her daughters we’re being kicked out of school because of a incident that happened between her […]

Big Bink's Blog

#bigbinkshow   Solange Knowles may be Beyonce’s sister but she is all about people recognizing her for her own skills.  She dropped two new joints in the last 72 hours and got the internet going crazy.  I must admit they are really good!  Check out a piece of the video from one of her joints […]