If you played sports in the ’80s or the ’90s I guarantee you played in a game that your team was blown out and nobody complained no one said that anyone was being out of line by scoring too much, what you did was go back to practice and work on getting better. What people […]

In a recent interview Ice T’s wife Coco claims way before Nicki Minaj and Kim K that she was the only curvy model out there in the mainstream other that J. Lo. I guess she just forgot about the women that were just born like that that also work in the industry and didn’t need […]

Lil Wayne says he got kicked out of American Airlines Arena because he rooted for the wrong team. Lil Wayne¬†has had his share of beefs – a list that apparently now includes a professional basketball team. On Sunday (February 10th), Lil Wayne took to Twitter to explain that he was kicked out of a Miami […]