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If you played sports in the ’80s or the ’90s I guarantee you played in a game that your team was blown out and nobody complained no one said that anyone was being out of line by scoring too much, what you did was go back to practice and work on getting better. What people need to understand is that those days are over and in this day an age that’s not how things work at all. Most are hypersensitive on just about every subject known to man so much so some comedians have to switch up their entire act and you have a lot of entertainers apologizing for things they said back in the day. So when it comes to sports it was only a matter of time before things like running up the score became rule of thumb. It used to be there where developmental leagues where kids could learn how to play the game and score didn’t matter and they would play in these leagues until the either got better at the sport they wanted to play or the aged out of that league. But without the funds or manpower to keep those leagues open, everyone falls under the same umbrella and that’s when things go left. Full story Here