Bishop Eddie Long has passed away and he will soon be funeralized. However, Black church communities cannot bury his troubled past with him. The church—New Birth et al.—must reckon with the Goliath of child sexual abuse and rescue the true Davids, our children, from the perverse and death-dealing realities of molestation, incest and rape.

Embattled megachurch pastor Bishop Eddie Long has returned to the pulpit of Georgia’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church after being away for weeks, but the senior pastor has lost a significant amount of weight, prompting more dire prognoses about the state of his health.

Pastor Vaseline is continuing his crusade against homosexuals, despite the allegations against him. He continues to defend Eddie Long while railing against they gay lifestyle. Every week we select our pick of the hottest content from today’s entertainment & arts movers & shakers. Filmakers, musicians, poets, animators, etc. can now submit their hottest video content […]

VIA EURWEB.COM Bishop Eddie Long is now in court. The first court hearing for his alleged sexual misconduct was held on Friday and lawyers for bishop are hoping to avoid trial. After a short status conference with all attorneys and parties involved, it was clear that everyone was ready to resolve the problem. “The number […]

VIA EURWEB.COM More details have emerged regarding the response filed Monday by prominent Georgia pastor Eddie Long, which denies allegations in four lawsuits that accuse him of coercing young men into sexual relationships. “The plaintiff’s claims of sexual misconduct are not true,” each of the four responses filed by Long’s attorneys says, according to CNN. […]

Bishop Eddie Long, his face glistening with sweat, paces onstage before his cheering congregation. He’s preaching about the Bible, the role of a preacher, and “fresh sperm.” “The word of God is potent. The word of God is His sperm,” Long thunders. “The job of the preacher is to bring fresh sperm and when he […]

VIA NEWSONE.COM Dallas radio host and author, Reuben Armstrong has been doing the media circuit talking about his 2006 book, “Snakes In The Pulpit” in which he accused Bishop Eddie Long of being a homosexual and having relationships with two youth Pastors. Here is one of his interviews. Read ALL of the updates on Bishop […]

Controversial bishop Eddie Long has been sued for defaulting on a property loan in Georgia. A lawsuit on Monday asked DeKalb County State Court in the Atlanta area to order Long and others to pay off the $1.9 million debt in 10 days or be obligated to pay attorney’s fees as well as the principal […]

I am finding out more and more about Bishop Eddie Long everyday. I did not know his church got down like this. Check out this hilarious video our affiliates at HOT 107.9 in Atlanta produced of Bishop Eddie Long and The Congregation getting down to Waka Flocka’s song “No Hands” it hliarious! RELATED: Bishop Eddie […]

Standing in the doorway of his Charlotte home, Spencer LeGrande told Channel 2 Action that he doesn’t harbor any hate, but that Bishop Eddie Long knows what really happened. LeGrande spoke for the first time Wednesday about the accusations facing Long who has been accused of coercing teenage church members into sex. LeGrande is the […]