A Gahanna Lincoln High School teacher is on leave after students viewed and shared an explicit private video involving the teacher. Now investigators believe the teacher is to be considered the victim, according to Gahanna Police. “We are investigating how the private and intimate images were accessed or hacked and who shared the images with […]

The 614

This story hurts me to the core because now these two young ladies in this story will forever be scared, I have daughters and it would’ve been really tough not to run out of the store to find the creep who did this to one of my daughters. What this creep did was show nude […]

Celebrity Gossip

It crazy how quick people flip back to what they know best even after a tragedy, when XXX was murdered a lot of the new wave rappers put out a lot of positive messages and many of them vowed to stop trolling 69 was one of the rappers who said he was just on positive […]

The 614

Back when i was on the night show this is how artist would come up and bless the mic!!!

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It is no big surprise that hip-hop has some raunchy roots. That’s because when an art form like hip-hop becomes the voice of rebellion, there’s a no holds barred approach to the content of the lyrics. RELATED::Kanye West Throws Mic & Tempter Tantrum on Stage! For better or worse, rappers have pushed the envelope regarding […]

Another day, another celeb with a sex tape…this time it’s everyone’s favorite rapper Nicki Minaj!